Recorder lesson

November 7, 2017

Home Learning

November 3, 2017

The children in year 5 have completed some excellent home learning tasks. We have been really impressed with the quality of the work.

Making Poppies

November 2, 2017


November 1, 2017

Family Afternoon

October 31, 2017

Working with our Middlethorpe Family


October 30, 2017

Today we learnt how to hold the golf club and how to do a Drop n Stop.

It wasn’t as easy as we thought it was going to be but we all kept trying and supported each other.


October 30, 2017

Can you explain how to calculate the perimeter of regular 2D shapes?


October 30, 2017

We are going to write a story about the Blitz. Today we were looking at a text to give us some inspiration for our own writing.

British Culture

October 19, 2017

Connection Phase

October 17, 2017