Talk for Learning

January 2, 2018

We had to decide what we would take with us if we were going on a secret mission to a desert island.

We used our talk rules to discuss our thoughts as a group before making a decision.

What would you take on your mission?

End of term

December 20, 2017


The children in year 5 have worked really hard all term and are now enjoying their last day before the holiday


December 8, 2017

Today we drew compound shapes. Then we made them into 2 separate rectangles and calculated the area of each. We then put the 2 shapes back together so that we had the area of the original shape.




December 7, 2017

Making our calendars by using dots.

Guided Reading

December 7, 2017


December 1, 2017

To help us with our writing about the Holocaust we spent some time researching Hitlers views on many different issues.

Speaking and Listening

November 30, 2017


November 30, 2017


November 29, 2017

Today in maths we were having to decide whether we needed to round the remainder up or down depending on the question.

Our finished art work

November 22, 2017